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The President and four Vice-Presidents and, for one year each, the immediate Past President and the President-Elect make up EASAC Bureau.

This body holds quarterly meetings and is responsible for taking operational decisions between the meetings of Council.

These meetings normally takes place as an extended Bureau, including the Programme Chairmen and EASAC Secretariat staff.



Prof. Jos van der Meer
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences



Prof. Loucas Christophorou
Academy of Athens  


Prof. Thierry Courvoisier
Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences


Prof. Jozsef Palinkas
Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Prof. Sir Martyn Poliakoff
Royal Society  


Immediate Past President

Prof. Sir Brian Heap
Academia Europaea


Chairman Biosciences Steering Panel; IAP Co-Chair

Prof. Volker ter Meulen
German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina  


Chairman Energy Steering Panel

Prof. Peter Lund
Council of Finnish Academies


Chairman Environment Steering Panel

Prof. Lars Walloe
Academia Europaea