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The Council is EASAC's full assembly and governing body.  It is composed of 29 highly experienced scientists - one representative from each member academy acting in their personal capacity. ALLEA, the federation of all academies in geographical Europe, is also represented by its president.

Council sets EASAC's direction, agrees the initiation of projects, monitors their progress and reviews and approves reports for publication.

Council meets every 6 months, usually at the Academy of the EU member state which is in line to take over the EU's Presidency six months later.

Member Discipline Nominating body
Professor Donald B. Dingwell Geology Academia Europaea
Professor Guenther Stock Physiology ALLEA (All European Academies)
Professor Wolfgang Baumjohann Space Research The Austrian Academy of Sciences
Professor Freddy Dumortier Mathematics and Statistics The Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium
Professor Julian Revalski Mathematics The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Professor Ivo Slaus Physics The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Dr Hana Sychrova Physiologoy The Czech Academy of Sciences
Professor Michael Broberg Palmgren Molecular and Plant Biology The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences
Professor Margus Lopp Organic Chemistry The Estonian Academy of Sciences
Professor Eva-Mari Aro Plant Biology Council of Finnish Academies
Dr Catherine Cesarsky Universe sciences The Academie des Sciences
Professor Volker ter Meulen Immunology The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
Professor Loucas G. Christophorou Physics The Academy of Athens
Professor Jozsef Palinkas Atomic physics The Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Professor Peter McHugh Biomedical Engineering The Royal Irish Academy
Professor Sergio Carra Physics The Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
Professor Ojars Sparitis Arts The Latvian Academy of Sciences
Professor Valdemaras Razumas Chemistry The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Professor Jos van der Meer Medicine The Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Arts
Professor Ole Didrik Larum Experimental Pathology and Oncology The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Professor Marek Switonski Genetics and Animal Breeding The Polish Academy of Sciences
Professor Maria Salome Soares Pais Molecular Biology The Academy of Sciences of Lisbon
Professor Ionel Valentin Vlad Engineering The Romanian Academy
Professor Maria Omastova Macromolecular Chemistry The Slovak Academy of Sciences
Professor Bostjan Zeks Biophysics The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Professor David Rios Mathematics The Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences
Professor Christina Moberg Organic Chemistry The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Professor Richard Catlow Chemistry The Royal Society
Professor Thierry Courvoisier Astrophysics Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Professor Bernard Charpentier (Observer) Medicine FEAM (Federation of European Academies of Medicine)