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Ulf Landegren received his MD and PhD in cellular immunology at Uppsala University, Sweden, followed by a postdoc at Caltech in USA. He is currently professor of molecular medicine at Uppsala University and Principal Investigator at the Uppsala Berzelii Centre.

The group of Ulf Landegren is innovating and  developing and applying advanced molecular tools for analyzing nucleic acids and proteins in research and medical diagnostics analysis. Areas of expertise include construction of molecular probes and their enzymology, as well as their application for biomedical research, diagnostics and drug development. Over the years his lab has established a series of important molecular procedures, and the lab is increasingly engaged in bringing the methods to medical application by interacting with clinicians and with the biotech and pharma industries.

Professor Landegren is a member of EMBO, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and HUGO, a visiting senior scientist at the RIKEN Institute, Yokohama, and a Fellow of the School of Engineering, Tokyo University. He sits on scientific advisory boards for several biotech companies and research organizations, and co-chairs a work package on techniques and reagents for molecular analysis in the emerging EU infrastructure on biobanks - BBMRI and its Swedish equivalent BBMRI.SE. His lab has spun out five companies and several of his inventions have been licensed to leading biotech companies.