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Breakthroughs in Sustainable Energy Supply and Consumption by 2050 | 14.12.15


A study on breakthroughs in sustainable energy supply and consumption commenced in October 2012 and was led by the Swedish Academy on behalf of EASAC. It aimed to identify promising areas of science, which were currently at laboratory scale, to review the key performance parameters and development challenges for each area, and then to assess when and how these might be scaled up for commercial exploitation.

In order to inform the study, two workshops were held during 2013: one on advanced nuclear power technologies, which was held in Greifswald, Germany in April 2013; and one on renewable energy sources, which was held in Stockholm in September 2013.  As a further source of inputs to the study, an enquiry was sent in January 2013 to 100 experts from across Europe and elsewhere asking them to provide 2 page "vision" statements, outlining their views on potential breakthroughs and what would need to be done to realise their implementation/commercial application.  The results of this work have been summarized in a series of scientific papers, which have been published in a special issue of the journal Ambio in December 2015.

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