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Petr Krenek (Czech Republic) is Director of the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

He received the M.S. degree in electrical power engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague and the PhD degree in theoretical electrotechnics from the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

His field of research is theory and computational methods of thermophysical properties of mixtures of partially ionized and chemically reacting  gases in plasmatrons and other plasma devices.

He is Member of the Advisory Council for big Research Infrastructures in Czech Republic, Member of the ESFRI Engineering and Physical Sciences TWG, Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Vicechairman of Board of Directors of the West Bohemian University in Pilsen, Fellow of the Engineering Academy of Czech Republic, Member of the Management Boards of Czech-American Science & Technology Center and of the Czech Space Office.

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