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Since 2015,  EASAC statements have been published on "Ecosystem services, agriculture and neonicotinoids", "Circular economy-commentary from the perspectives of the natural and social sciences", "Facing critical decisions in climate change 2015", "Marine sustainability- changing oceans and seas", "Indicators for a circular economy" and "Priorities for critical materials in a circular economy" and"Multi-functionality and Sustainability of the European Union’s forests" (see Environment programme page for more details).

Projects currently underway are:

A project on negative emission technologies will examine the technological challenges associated with removing large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as is expected to be necessary later this century if a limit of 2° C warming is to be achieved. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

The pressures on maintaining the sustainability of Europe’s soils and their ability to meet targets of food production, biodiversity, maintenance or increasing soil carbon content and other issues are being addressed in a project led by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The Environment Steering Panel will continue to discuss other issues of potential importance to the EU at its next meeting in September 2017. 

For further information on any of these projects please contact secretariat@easac.eu.