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The EASAC Environment Steering Panel is chaired by Lars Walløe (Norway). Environment Programme Director Mike Norton (Japan / UK) is responsible for the Panel's general organisation and day-to-day business.

The Panel meets normally twice yearly to discuss the latest issues of concern to the Environment science community, general strategy and decisions on project proposals.

Panel Members

Lars Walloe (Norway) is the Chair of EASAC’s Environment Steering Panel. He is Professor emeritus and senior researcher at the Department of Physiology at the University of Oslo... more

Mike Norton (EASAC Secretariat) is the Director of EASAC's Environment Programme, and graduated from Bristol University in 1965 with a First in Chemistry. After obtaining a PhD at Bristol, he... more

Vesselin A. Alexandrov (Bulgaria) is currently the Director of the Department of Meteorology at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His DSc degree in... more

Andras Baldi (Hungary) is general director at the Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His „Lendület” research group on ecosystem services investigates... more

Bruno Carli (Italy) is Associate Director of Research at the Institute of Applied Physics "Nello Carrara" (IFAC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) worked forty years in the fields of... more

Mike Jones (Ireland) is a plant ecophysiologist and is Emeritus Fellow in Trinity College Dublin where he formerly held the University Chair of Botany (1711) from 1996 until 2011. ... more

Francisco Garcia Novo (Spain)

Atte Korhola (Finland) is a professor of environmental change at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki and leader of Environmental Change Research Unit (ECRU)... more

Andrej Kranjc (Slovenia) is full Member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Prof. Emeritus of Karstology at the University of Nova Gorica, Scientific Adviser at Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU ... more

Rajmund Michalski's (Poland) scientific interests include: analytical chemistry, environmental protection, applications of chromatographic techniques (IC, HPLC, GC) to the determination of inorganic and... more

Julius Oszlanyi (Slovakia) is Director of the Institute since 1996, Forestry University Zvolen, Law Faculty of the Comenius University, Bratislava. His PhD. thesis in 1973 focused on... more

Filipe Duarte Santos (Portugal) holds a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Lisbon and a PhD in Physics from the University of London. He is professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of... more

Bernhard Schink (Germany) has contributed essentially to our understanding of the limits and principles of anaerobic, oxygen-independent transformations of organic matter in anoxic environments such as... more

John Shepherd (University of Southampton, UK) is a physicist who has worked on a wide range of environmental issues, including the transport and deposition of atmospheric sulphur dioxide, the dispersion of tracers in the deep ocean,... more

Tarmo Soomere (Estonia) graduated in 1980 from Lomonossov Moscow State University as mathematician and received a PhD in oceanology from the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow (1984), and... more

Louise E.M. Vet (Netherlands) is a professor of Evolutionary Ecology at Wageningen University and director of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO), the largest institute of the... more

Anders Wijkman (Sweden) has a BA from the University of Stockholm (1967). He is a former Member of the European Parliament, spent many years as a civil society leader as well as... more

Christos Zerefos (Greece) is a Member of the Academy of Athens and a Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He was born in Cairo, Egypt and graduated in Physics from... more

For more information or to contact a member of the Environment Steering Panel, please send an email to secretariat@easac.eu.