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Journal of Internal Medicine - Commentary | 25.09.17

Assessing and regulating homeopathic products R. Fears, G. Griffin, D. Larhammar, V. ter Meulen & J. W. M. van der Meer doi: 10.1111/joim.12676 Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine based on ‘like cures like’...... read more

ELife | 04.04.17

Point of view: How should the applications of genome editing be assessed and regulated? Robin Fears, Volker ter Meulen Abstract: An EASAC working group on genome editing recommends that regulators should focus on specific...... read more

Le Monde | 20.04.16

"Frankenvirus", bientot l'epilogue? Volker ter Meulen in an interview with Le Monde about the EASAC report on "Gain of Function". Download article here or visit online. Translation of the full artcile into...... read more

International Innovation | 07.04.16

What are we gaining from gain of function research? There is controversy surrounding gain of function research, with contrasting views on its value. EASAC published a report discussing the risks and benefits of this type of...... read more

European Review | 09.02.16

Jos W.M. van der Meer, Robin Fears, and Volker ter Meulen (2016). Can we Tackle the Antibiotic Threat? European Review, 24, pp 49-62.  Download article here. ... read more

eLife | 30.12.15

Point of view: What next for gain-of-function research in Europe? A working group on gain-of-function research set up by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) has emphasised the importance of ensuring that the...... read more

Journal of Virology | 23.12.15

Robin Fears, Vollker ter Meulen. (2016) European Academies Advise on Gain-of-Function Studies in Influenza Virus Research. Journal of Virology, March 2016, Volume 90, Number 5, 2162-2164 Abstract: Gain-of-function (GoF) studies...... read more

Ambio | January 2016, Volume 45, Supplement 1 | 14.12.15

Sustainable energy supply and consumption by 2050 and outlook towards the end of the century: Possible scientific breakthroughs By Lennart Bengtsson, Elisabeth Rachlew , Friedrich Wagner Introduction A project launched by the...... read more

Nature | Correspondence | 28.10.15

Genetic gain of function: EU report advises on contentious research - an article by Robin Fears and Volker ter Meulen Link to article here. Download article here. ... read more

Research Media | 24.07.15

Sofie Vanthournout, Head of EASAC Brussels Office, comments on the new Science Advise Mechanism (SAM) and how it could ideally work. Download full article here. View article here.... read more

International Innovation | 24.07.15

The last word: A voice for oceans. Professor Jörn Thiede, Chairman of the EASAC working group on marine sustainability, gives an insight into the marine sustainability debate in "International Innovation". Download...... read more

Nature | 08.04.15

Ecosystem services: Academies review insecticide harm by Professor Peter Neumann, Chair of the EASAC Working Group on "Ecosystem services, agriculture and neonicotinoids". The Nature article can be accessed here....... read more

Future Directions for Scientif Advice in Europe | 01.04.15

April 2015 Edited by James Wilsdon and Robert Doubleday Including an Essay on "EASAC and the role of Europe's national academies of science" by Jos WM an der Meer, Christiane Diehl, Robin Fears and William Gillett...... read more

Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery | 01.10.14

Antimicrobial Innovation: combining commitment, creativity and coherence By Jos W.M. van der Meer, Robin Fears, Dame Sally C. Davies, and Volker ter Meulen On 1 October, Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery published a Commentary...... read more

Nature | 07.05.14

Time to settle the synthetic controversy By Volker ter Meulen EASAC is the affiliated network for Europe of IAP-The global network of science academies. Prof. Volker ter Meulen – former President of EASAC and current Co-Chair...... read more

Trends in Plant Science | 01.04.14

How should we tackle the global risks to plant health? By Robin Fears, Eva-Mari Aro, Maria Salome Pais, and Volker ter Meulen The introduction and spread of plant pests and diseases has significant consequences for...... read more

The Lancet Global Health | 19.11.13

What do we need to do to tackle antimicrobial resistance? By Robin Fears and Volker ter Meulen Infectious disease accounts for a substantial proportion of deaths worldwide. Continuing progress in the treatment of many...... read more

IEE Power & Energy Magazine | 29.10.13

A more perfect union By John Holmes The main aims of the energy policy of the European Union (EU) are 1) to establish a European energy system that is sustainable (particularly with respect to reducing greenhouse-gas...... read more

Nature | 26.06.13

Europe should rethink its stance on GM crops By Brian Heap Second-generation crop genetic-modification techniques avoid some of the issues that previously provoked hostility, argues Sir Brian Heap, President of...... read more

Research Europe | 06.06.13

Academies urge action on carbon capture: National science academies have told the European Commission that it must radically increase spending on carbon capture and storage if the technology is to be part of the EU’s energy...... read more

Journal of Energy and Power Engineering | 28.02.13

Concentrating Solar Power in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa: Achieving Its Potential Abstract: CSP (concentrating solar power) is a commercially available renewable energy technology capable of harnessing the immense...... read more

European Journal of Human Genetics | 21.11.12

The European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) and the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) have published a paper in the European Journal of Human Genetics (EJHG) on their joint report "Direct-to-Consumer...... read more

Nature | 16.08.12

Robin Fears European Academies Science Advisory Council, Halle,Germany. Peter Gehr University of Bern, Switzerland. Elke Anklam Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, EC JointResearch Centre, Ispra, Italy. The journal...... read more

The Lancet | 14.07.12

The Lancet has issued an editorial on EASAC's report "Direct-to-consumer genetic testing" The Lancet has issued an editorial on EASAC's report "Direct-to-consumer genetic testing" which can be viewed here.... read more

Italian Journal of Public Health | 01.02.12

Robin Fears, Volker ter Meulen (2012). Human and animal health in Europe: the view from the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) on challenges in infectious disease. Abstract For the last seven years, the...... read more

Science | 01.01.11

Robin Fears, Jos W. M. van der Meer and Volker ter Meulen (2011). Science and Health Policy, The Changing Burden of Infectious Disease in Europe Abstract Infectious diseases continue to pose major public health challenges in...... read more

The Lancet | 01.01.11

Robin Fears, Volker ter Meulen (2011). Health benefits of policies to mitigate climate change. The Lancet vol 377, pp995-996.... read more

Nature | 01.01.11

Fears and ter Meulen (2011). The potential of synthetic biology: a view from the European Academies Science Advisory Council. Nature Reviews Microbiology vol 9, p222.... read more

Science | 01.02.10

Fears, van der Meer and ter Meulen (2010). Translational medicine policy issues in infectious disease. Science Translational Medicine vol 2 pp12-15.... read more

Tuberculosis | 01.01.10

Fears, Kaufmann, ter Meulen and Zumla on behalf of the EASAC Working Group (2010). Drug-resistant tuberculosis in the European Union: opportunities and challenges for control. Tuberculosis vol 90 pp 182-187.... read more

Nature | 01.01.09

Fears, Zumla and ter Meulen (2009). European bodies can help to tackle TB worldwide. Nature vol 460 p796.... read more