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The EASAC Energy Programme provides independent and leading edge scientific assessments and advice to EU energy and climate policy makers, by bringing together experts from 29 national science academies of Europe.

Topics are selected by EASAC Council on the basis of advice from the EASAC Energy Steering Panel and can encompass a wide range of energy issues of priority interest to the EU, including energy resources, energy systems integration, renewable energies, energy efficiency, GHG emissions, electricity grid management, and key aspects of energy security and sustainability.

The EASAC Energy Steering Panel is nominated by the national science academies.  It advises on the focus of the energy programme and makes inputs to energy debates internationally.  It also helps to communicate the findings of EASAC working groups to policy makers at EU and National levels. The Energy Steering Panel meets twice per year under the Chairmanship of Professor Peter Lund.

The Energy Programme has produced 22 reports and statements since 2004, some of them jointly with the EASAC Environment Programme.

Work is currently on-going with the aim of launching a new report on electricity storage and a new report on sustainable forests (jointly with the EASAC environment programme).